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Aluminum PCB


TBS Is Specialized In Manufacturing Aluminum PCB




aluminum base pcb



Aluminum Base PCB


Aluminum base PCB Capability Specifications:


1. Layer: Single sided, Double sided, 4-layer
2. Board Thickness: 0.4mm-3.0mm
3. Min.Line Width/Space: 4mil/4mil
4. Finished Copper Thickness: 0.5 oz to 3 oz
5. Surface Finishing: ENIG or HASL or Lead free HASL
6. Solder Mask: White,Black, Blue,Green
7. Outline Types: CNC Routing, Punching tool V-scoring

Aluminum Base PCB, Our Advantages:


1. Quotation for aluminium PCB within 24 hours, urgent offer within 2 hours
2. Rich experiences in aluminum PCB, proffesional suggestions to avoid any impracticable design
3. Aluminium PCB from small series to mass production are all acceptable
4. Individual QCs to follow production, double check semi-finished & finished PCBs to ensure good quality
5. Logistic department will ensure your PCBs to be delivered in quickest time and low shipping cost


aluminum pcb_aluminum base pcbaluminum pcb_aluminum base pcbaluminum pcb_aluminum base pcb



pcb fabrication_pcb china

 pcb fabrication_pcb china

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