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Required Files:

1&2 layer circuit boards and require:

·  2 Positive Gerber layers: Top & Bottom

·  Aperture/Dcode file (if not RS274X)

·  NC Excellon Drill file

·  Drill Tool list (if not listed NC drill file)

·  Silkscreen

·  Soldermask


4-layer circuit boards and require:

·  2 Gerber outer layers: Top: Positive, Bottom: Positive

·  1-2 inner layers: plot based on setup

·  Aperture/Dcode file (if not RS274X)

·  NC Excellon Drill file

·  Drill Tool list (if not embedded within NC Drill file)

·  Silkscreen

·  Soldermask




What is my board size limit?

The largest board size allowed is 600x700mm for all 2-6 layer servicesIf your board requires larger panelization beyond these limits please send email to support@10pcb.com before placing a order.



What is the Part Number?

You can specify your internal identification number for the board,you may name your files what you like, we just need to know what they are named.

 Are your boards in panel?


In rare case, a PCB designer will put together multiple images of the same PCB together into one image, this may be done to facilitate easy assembly of the PCBs etc, The individual boards may be separated by Tab-routing or V-score, For the panel, you must tell us the panel dimension and the number of boards in the panel.




Can I have surface mounts?

Surface mounts are not a problem for PCB orders and no extra cost to produce boards with surface mount pads. We will run your files as sent.



How to check board outline:


Our overall board dimensions are calculated from the center of the traces used to draw your board outline.

You should leave a 12mil space from the fab edge of the board to the nearest copper elements to prevent traces from being cut off and possible mask peeling and exposed copper.



What types of files do we need?

As default we accept gerber file RS-274X format but we also accept following layout files directly



We generate needed files or data formats and send a PDF file for confirmed. In fact, we are prepared and expect to assist every customer with your technical questions.


Boards are manufactured double-sided with all holes plated-through.

Single-sided boards are manufactured with unplated-through holes.





Order Help:


How do I reorder a previous job?

You will need to know your part number or old order number to reorder.



Where should I send my files?


An automated file browser window will appear when placing your order , or you can send your files via email after your order confirmation.



How will I know my order is being processed?

All orders are processed in the order they are received. You may always check your order using our online Order Tracking, (Status is updated at various times through-out the day)

You will get a shipping notification via email when your order ships.



Other References:


Shipping info

Express company we usually deliver: UPS, DHL, FEDEX


What are your hours for doing business?


Our Office Hours are 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST, Sales people are available from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST. However we have Technical Support Engineers and our online services are available 24 Hours a Day. Our business and sales offices are closed on weekends and on all major China holidays, but our manufacturing facility operates 24 hours a day. Through our website.


Official holidays in China in 2012:

  • Spring Festival Holiday: Jan 22 - 28, 2012
  • Labor Holiday: Apr 29 - May 1, 2012
  • Dragon Boat Festival Holiday: June 22 - 24, 2012
  • National Day: Oct 1 - 7, 2012


    If you did not find your answer within our site and need assistance please contact customer service via email. If you have placed your order already please reference your order number for quickest service.

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