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Process Capability

Rigid Printed Circuit Boards

Layer                           1-10 layers

Material                        FR4

Copper Weight               0.5 to 2oz

Thickness                     0.1-3.2mm

Mask Color                    Green,Red, Blue, Yellow,Black,White

Silk Color                      White, Black, Yellow

Surface Finish                HASL, OSP,ENIG,Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin

Min Trace/Space            0.1mm(4mil)

Min Hole                       NPTH-0.25mm PTH-0.2mm

Min Annular Ring             0.2mm(8mil)


PTH                              0.05mm(2mil)

NPTH                            0.075mm(3mil)


Flex Printed Circuit Boards

Layer                            Single sided, double sided, 3&4 layer

Material                        PI,PET,PE

Copper Type                 RA, ED

Surface Cover                PI,PET,Ink,Silver Paste

Surface Plating               Ni-Au,Sn-Pb,Immersion Ni-Au,OSP

Min Trace/Space            0.2mm(8mil)

Min Hole                        NPTH-0.25mm PTH-0.2mm


Other Printed Circuit Board information, materials Aluminum base or Rogers,Copper weight 3oz to 6oz,Min trace/space 0.1mm which you did not find your answer within our site and need assistance please send email to support@10pcb.com to before placing a order,we will reply you within 24 hours.


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