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What is PCB boards?
Last Updated : 2011/5/4

To be used for printed circuit boards (PCB) of the connection method, we assume from your computer to regulate the flow of blood or heart rate monitor people's lives and medical equipment. The resources necessary for the establishment of a number of chlorine, and hard work, in the context of both the Board of Directors will produce are often ignored by consumer electronics. Design and production process means that there is only a technology, and it seems that most of us ordinary complexity.

Definition of PCB
Printed circuit boards (PCB) that includes non-conductive glass or a plate of
plastic cards or copper in the patterns of India ink. PCBs, some of the indicators on the development of the current connection is full of various electronic components to circuit boards.

Silk-screen printing
To print the PCB board is another tool used to print the screen. Printed Circuit Board design in a palette of non-conductive plastic printer to print the screen. The ink is conductive ink (such as India ink), so any print patterns on the substrate that allows electronic cross it.

PCB Industry
PCB boards used in the many technology industry, including CPU and motherboard (computer processor) and Aerospace Engineering (such as aircraft, missiles, and sensors suite) and a number of sensors. Other industries include rockets and missiles, such as the Council of chlorine in the implementation of the military. Almost all electronic devices, today there are PCB Council.Chlorine Council is in fact the smallest in the industry to follow-up to the starting circle. This small example of the products of PCB, microchipping your dog is available. As technology advances, will be expanded printed circuit board technology in the industry for human transplantation.

Printed board PCB Assembly (PCBA) circuit board is an integral part of electronic components. Component, such as diode or resistor fill simple equipment such as radios, such as aircraft (or rocket) the complexity of chlorine sensor suite. Some PCB board using magnets or other materials sensitive to heat.

To reduce the PCB and the materials resistant to PCB are wrapped in plastic sheeting. Information is the printed circuit in the Assembly is an important part, because of the wiring of chlorine leads to another, as the behavior of electronic devices. For example, the circuit board Assembly the radio from the evidence, of the amplifier circuit transmission of electrical signals generated within the radio --- and then the speaker's voice. High-quality chlorine (such as space-based sensors used) are made of gold, because gold is a high conductivity and flexibility. Unlike some other surface welded components for electronic circuit board, connecting wires in the panel  or push through the holes in the painting leads.

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