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Printed Circuit Boards Recycle
Last Updated : 2011/5/4

Recycling of printed circuit boards that can save money on electronics components you are interested in, and it is good for the environment. Panels of chemicals in their environment, which should be retained to find the cost of disposal method is very important. Remove the pieces from the board for later use in a good way to stock their shelves with the resistance and so on is, saving you the cost of new resources. With a soldering iron, pressing and inserting a few minutes you can strip down the board and shelf parts for later use.

If the printed circuit board and slowly close the vise. Soldering iron is hot.

Taking the first component of the needle pliers in front of the printed circuit boards, soldered joints and heat for a printed circuit board with the soldering iron. It is better to press lightly on the wire with a soldering iron instead of applying it directly to the solder connections.
He gently with pliers to pull the common wire for the first time since the printed circuit board. This should be more than about five seconds. If it takes more heat on your soldering iron a little more time.

Repeat this for each connection they have in place a process. Clean sponge solder iron a little if necessary to melt the solder to be removed.

Remove all components, repeat the steps above.

Navigate to the printed page online resource center for programs to find recycling centers that accept the loss of printed circuit boards.

If you don't understand What is PCB boards,click it to see more detail,also you can design PCB board by yourself.

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