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PCB circuit board maintenance of chemical copper plating solution
Last Updated : 2011/5/5

Printed circuit board copper plating process in the chemical solution to keep consumption of various substances during the operation should be based on timely analysis of production testing, to replenish and maintain the stability of the solution.

With the continuation of production, chemical copper plating solution is used repeatedly, often with additional chemicals cause all kinds of impurities in the solution were gradually increased, the production cycle should be replaced after the appropriate part of the old solution, increase the activity of the chemical copper plating solution to ensure the quality of copper plating layer. 

When, after the end of electroless copper plating, the pH value can be transferred to dilute sulfuric acid below 10 until after the cessation of electroless copper plating solution reaction time to filter to remove particulate matter in solution. Be re-used, first with dilute alkali slowly and keep stirring in the range of pH values ​​can be adjusted to process.

In short, whether it is a thin copper plating or copper plating thickness, all processes should be standardized and proper preparation of chemical copper plating solution; strictly controlled conditions; carefully safeguard the electroless copper plating solution; strengthen the PCB before copper plating, post-processing. These are the final products are the key to quality assurance.

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