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PCB routing rules
Last Updated : 2011/5/6

1. According to the layout of the circuit modules to achieve the same function in the circuit as a module, the circuit module components should be focused on the principle of proximity, while digital and analog circuit separately;

2. Positioning holes, holes and other non-standard 1.27mm surrounding the mounting holes shall not mount components, screws and other mounting holes around 3.5mm (for M2.5), 4mm (for M3) shall not mount components;

3. Lying mounted resistors, inductors (plug), electrolytic capacitors and other components to avoid the cloth over the bottom of the hole, so that after the wave soldering through-hole and components shell short circuit;

4. Components of the lateral distance from the edge 5mm;

5. Mount components of the lateral pad adjacent plug components with the distance is greater than the outer 2mm;

6. Metal housing components and metal parts (shielding box, etc.) can not collide with other components can not be close to the printing line, the pad, the distance should be greater than 2mm. Positioning hole, the fastener mounting hole, elliptical hole and the lateral plate from the other side edge of the hole size greater than 3mm;

7. Can not be close to the wire heating element and temperature sensing elements; heat the device to be evenly distributed;

8. The power outlet as far as possible in the PCB layout around, with its outlet connected to terminal bus bars should be arranged in the same side. Paying particular attention not to the power connector socket, and other welding between the connector layout in order to facilitate these sockets, connectors and power cable of welding design and tie lines. Power outlet and welding arrangement of the connector spacing should be easy to plug the plug;

9. Other components of the arrangement: the unilateral alignment of all IC components, a polar component polarity clearly marked, the same polarity marked on the PCB and not more than two directions, there are two directions, both directions to each other Vertical;

10. Board layout should be appropriate density, when the density difference is too large to be filled with copper mesh, the grid is greater than 8mil (or 0.2mm);

11. Patch can not have holes on the pad, so as to avoid the loss caused by component Weld paste. No significant signal line, and through the foot from the outlet;

12. Patch side alignment, the characters in the same direction, the package in the same direction;

13. Has the same polarity of the device in the direction of the board as far as possible consistent with the polarity mark.

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