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Component Wiring Regulations
Last Updated : 2011/5/6

Component Wiring Regulations
1、drawn from the fixed routing area ≤ 1mm PCB edge of the area, and the mounting holes around 1mm, the prohibition wiring;
2、the power line as wide as possible, not less than 18mil; signal line width of not less than 12mil; CPU out of line should not be less than 10mil (or 8mil); line spacing no less than 10mil;
3、the normal through-hole of not less than 30mil;
4、DIP: pad 60mil, aperture 40mil;
1/4W Resistor: 51 * 55mil (0805 SMD); line when the pad 62mil, aperture 42mil;
Promise capacitance: 51 * 55mil (0805 SMD); line when the pad 50mil, aperture 28mil;
5、note that the power line and ground should be as radial, and the signal line loop can not appear alignment.

How to improve anti-interference and electromagnetic compatibility
With processors in the development of electronic products, how to improve anti-interference ability and electromagnetic compatibility?
1、note that anti-electromagnetic interference:
2、increasing the system's resistance to electromagnetic interference
3、selected low frequency micro-controller:
4、reduce the distortion of the signal transmission

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