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Low Cost PCB Prototypes
Last Updated : 2011/5/7

PCB is a short of Printed Circuit Boards. They are a technological marvel, and have contributed greatly to smooth business operations. If you think these circuit board prototypes are expensive, then here is some good news. You can now get low cost PCB prototypes with high quality performance. If you still have some doubts about the pricing, then get an instant online quote. The easy-to-understand quote form will give you an idea about the competitive prices. The online quoting system is quick and helps you to compare prices with other service providers.

Printed circuit board prototypes are loaded with high-end features and capabilities. Here are some of its unique features.

* Rigid PCBs up to 42 layers
* 2.5-mil traces and 3.5-mil spaces
* Minimum Mechanical drill size 8-mil
* Minimum Laser drill size 3-mil
* ISO-9001 and UL certified
* Controlled Impedance
* Blind / Buried Vias
* Class III
* RoHS Compliant (all options available)
* High temperature, high frequency material
* Aluminum and other special material

Low cost PCB prototypes is not just a technical solution provider for your business needs, it has other benefits too. It offers high quality consistent service, low cost responsive service, and dependable lead times. Besides, these PCB prototypes come with an ISO and UL certification. They are available in different types like CAP or Foil construction, blind prototype PCB, flex printed circuit board prototype, rigid-flex PCB and mixed materials like mixed copper weights. Apart from this, there are aluminum core PCBs too that are made with single, double-sided and multiple-layer aluminum core.

If you have any specific requirement, the low cost PCB prototypes can be customized to suit your needs. You can choose the material, surface finish; solder mask, thickness of copper layer, laminate type and much more. Indeed, this place is a one-stop solution for all your technical requirements. Besides, there is no hidden fee; the service provider is transparent about the pricing. You will not be charged for tooling or testing needs.

Are you looking for high quality and low cost PCB prototypes? If yes, then this is the right place. You can get ISO and UL certified printed circuit boards and PCB Prototypes with advanced features. They can be customized to suit your needs with the help of online quoting system.

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