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Current Situation of China PCB Industry
Last Updated : 2011/5/9

China Printed Circuit Industry Association, said that in recent years, China achieved rapid development of the printed circuit industry, the industrial chain, including CCL, raw materials and equipment have shown sustained and rapid development momentum. However, the arrival of the international financial crisis, the effectiveness of the whole industry began to decline, growth rate down to single digits. Each PCB enterprises are looking forward to the answer. The financial turmoil has resulted in efficiency of the sector down the first three quarters of 2008, developments in our industry is still good, gratifying momentum of growth, but the benefits began to fall. By the fourth quarter from the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis triggered by the global financial crisis, PCB industry worsened, a sudden reduction in orders for many enterprises, the recovery of funds extremely difficult problem of sudden capital chain, many companies operating rate suddenly dropped to 50%. Our Association from September 2008 onwards for the whole industry was thoroughly, and 12 in late November to mid-consecutive Ministry of Information Industry and played two urgent report, reflecting the industry is currently facing severe difficulties. We believe that only the first-hand the truth in time for the central government in order to enable the Government to prescribe the right medicine, to develop accurate and effective and timely measures. We are continuously visited enterprises, an overall estimate of 2008 printed circuit board industry in China grew 25.35% over the years declined from 1.77%.

We fully agree with this view because:

First, the current world financial crisis, precisely, by the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis caused by the financial turmoil in Europe and America. Although we have disasters in China, but not the hardest hit.
Second, the Chinese people's consumption concept and Europe are very different. We are not ahead of the consumer, not the liabilities of consumption.

Third, China's reform and opening up 30 years has achieved great success, national strength, foreign exchange reserves, the world's first, which is conducive to supporting China's economic stability.

Fourth, our government decided to invest 4 trillion yuan stimulating domestic demand, the implementation of the "package" program to expand domestic demand and support the revitalization of industry and technology together, this is a very powerful measure.

Fifth, China PCB industry all these years too fast, too smooth, too full, and, faced with restructuring and reshuffling is inevitable stage of development, the financial turmoil but the time to reshuffle the industry earlier. In the visited enterprises, many enterprises in environmental protection, R & D, intellectual property rights has done a very good job, so that their technology has been greatly improved. And some private enterprise is still expanding, new and extended at both ends of the industry, this is a very happy change. After this "winter" of baptism, our industry volume terms, have a greater contraction Guantingbingzhuan estimated the number of firms will reach 30%, but this is not a bad thing. Crisis so that enterprises have the opportunity to inner strength, raise the level of the market regulate our industry and corporate social responsibility for our industry into a strong, lay a more solid foundation.

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