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Japans two PCB materials plant return to work
Last Updated : 2011/5/10

Upstream of the two PCB Fabrication materials plant in Japan Mitsubishi Gas, on the east spinning 100% of the recent resumption of work after another came the good news, will lift the material shortage crisis, which also allow domestic downstream customers include Kinsus (3189), Yan Xing (3037) and partner at Dong Fang Jian-Rong (5340) sigh of relief.

Mitsubishi Gas 9, published online at the official resumption of work progress of the package substrate for semiconductor production with Shirakawa-gun Fukushima BT resin production facilities, was launched on schedule in early May return to work the second stage, BT resin capacity has been restored to the level before the earthquake, is expected to June's shipments also will be able to fully meet customer needs.

Mitsubishi Gas is the world's largest carrier BT resin material supplier, up to 50% market share, carrier materials and full production within Japan; BT resin is mainly used in the FC CSP, WB CSP substrates such as the above, and mobile communications products for the bulk.

311 by a major earthquake in Japan, Mitsubishi Gas line break in the material shortage crisis, the market is worried about the impact of fear of the output of the global smart phone, but the Mitsubishi Gas to speed up return to work rate, Printed Circuit Boards Prototyping,expected in June can reach the actual output before the earthquake, downstream for domestic customers include Kinsus, Unimicron is greatly reduced in terms of material shortage and other concerns.

In addition, the glass fiber yarn spun on the East in the global market share up to 50%, specializing in high-end market, last week, Jianrong partners in Taiwan pointed out, on the east spun fiberglass gauze recovery reached 80% capacity, expected 6 began to recover an adequate supply of months, fine gauze material off the crisis has also greatly reduced. In addition, Fu Joe (1815) has been also purchase yarn spun East to Japan and then the production of thin cloth, textile production can be restored on the East, will also help the rich high-end product shipments status of Joe.

Mitsubishi Gas, PCB on the east spinning return to work gradually approaches 100%, for the original supply chain is indeed a good news, but the PCB industry also believes that the electronics industry supply chain, long dense, although some materials, material shortage alert lifted , but does not mean that other parts there is no problem to wait for stocks run out, can really determine whether there are other broken material concerns, the next need close monitoring.

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