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Classic PCB temperature curve system components
Last Updated : 2011/5/10

PCB temperature curve of a classical system consists of the following components:

1.Data collection curve, it functions through the middle from the oven, the temperature information collected from the PCB.

2.thermocouples attached to the PCB on its key components, and then connect to the accompanying instrument on the curve.

3.Thermal protection, which protects the instrument is oven heating curve.

4.Software program that allows collected data to a format view to quickly determine the results of welding and / or adverse effects out of control before the final PCB product to find out of control trend.

5.the thermocouple (Thermalcouples)
Most commonly used in the electronics industry is the K-type thermocouple. Thermocouples attached to a variety of technology components on the PCB. Method used depends on the type of PCB being processed, and the user's preference.

6. the thermocouple attached
High-temperature solder, which provides a strong connection to the PCB Fabrication . This method is commonly used for curves and inspection process for a specific reference to the expense of the operation panel. It should be noted that the guaranteed minimum amount of tin in order to avoid affecting the curve.

Glue used to fix the thermocouple on the PCB. Glue used in general to get the thermocouple to the assembly of rigid physical connection. Disadvantages include the glue in the heating process may be the possibility of failure, for after the completion curve left in the assembly when removing the residue. Also, the plastic should be noted that using the smallest amount, because of the increased thermal mass may affect the results of the temperature curve.

Cape Town (Kapton) or aluminum tape, it is most easy to use, but the most unreliable fixation. Temperature curve using Printed Circuit Board Supplier the tape as often display a very uneven curve, because the thermocouple junction from the contact surface during heating filed. Easy to use and does not affect the assembly of the residues left behind, making the Cape Town or aluminum tape to become a popular method.

Pressure-type thermocouple, gripping the edge of the circuit board, PCB Printed Circuit Board Prototype,the use of elastic to the thermocouple junction is firmly fixed to make contact with the assembly on the temperature curve. Pressure probe fast, easy to use, on the PCB is not destructive.

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