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PCB Layout Technical
Last Updated : 2011/5/19

1. Schematic diagram common errors:

(1) ERC report no access to signal pins:
   a. to create a package pin when the definition of the I / O attribute;
   b. place the components to create components or inconsistent modified grid properties, and the cable is not connected to the pin;
   c. Reverse the direction of creating component pin, pin name must be non-client connections.
(2) component drawings to go lay: not in the library center of the chart paper to create components.
(3) to create the project file only partially transferred to the network table pcb: netlist generated when no choice is global.
(4) When using their own parts to create a multi-component, do not use annotate.

2.PCB common errors:

(1) network NODE not found when loading the report:
   a. Schematic of components used in the package not pcb library;
   b. Schematic of the components used in the name of the database is inconsistent pcb package;
   c. schematic library components used in the pin number pcb inconsistent package. Such as the transistor: sch in the pin number for the e, b, c, and pcb for the 1,2,3.

(2) can not print when printing to a sheet of paper is always:
   create a pcb library is not a. at the origin;
   b. move and rotate the component several times, pcb board lay hidden characters. Choose to show all hidden characters, reduce the pcb, and then move the character to the boundary.

(3) DRC reporting network is divided into several parts:
    Indicates that the network is not connected, see the report file, using the selected CONNECTED COPPER find.

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