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A Brief History of PCB
Last Updated : 2011/6/14
The basic concepts of the printed circuit boards early in this century has been proposed in the patent, in 1947 NASA and the U.S. Bureau of Standards has launched the first technical seminar of printed circuit, when the list of 26 different types of printed circuit board manufacturing methods. And grouped into six categories: Paint Law, the Law, the chemical spray deposition of Law, the Law, the vacuum evaporation method and powder compression molding method, then these methods have failed to achieve large-scale industrial production. until the early fifties, the copper foil and layer Plate of the bonding issue is resolved, copper clad laminate stable and reliable performance, and to achieve a large-scale industrial production, copper etching, printed board manufacturing technology to become mainstream, have been developing ever since. 
Double Hole Surface printing and multi-layer printed circuit board to achieve a large-scale production, large scale integrated circuit and the seventies the rapid development of electronic calculators, eighties and nineties SMT multi-chip assembly technology to promote the rapid development of printing Circuit board production technologies continue to advance, a group of new materials, new equipment have emerged in the new test equipment, printed circuit production technology to further the high-density, fine wire, multi-layer, high reliability, low cost and automation in the direction of continuous production .

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