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Protection environment PCB manufacturing technology will change
Last Updated : 2011/6/14

In order to Protection environment, PCB manufacturing technology will change. In the next years,Printed Circuit Boards Recycle is a important rule in many countries.

(1) reduction of lead content
    Graphics produced by plating tin plating method, is tended to quickly annulled. The future will be more toward the entire board plating (Panel Plating, also known as: board plating) process method conversion. Produced using a graphical method in the case of plating, tin plating will become mainstream. Occasions in the use of solder, lead-free solders will be converted to type of material, in the future there will be greater progress in this regard. Expected, this shift of the impact of the PCB manufacturing process, is not great.
(2) reduce the use of formaldehyde
    Formaldehyde in PCB production, as a chemical copper (Electroless Copper Plating, also known as: Chemical electroless copper plating ﹑) reducing agent. From the environmental point of view now, its use in the future, there will be more stringent limits. Future changes in the law through the plating process to reduce or no longer use formaldehyde materials, will be the future trend of development. Direct plating method to become widely used as a plating method. Plating on the significance of using this new understanding, and further improvement of this process method are important for future work needed.
(3) MID progress
    Thermoplastic resin is easy to implement recycling of polymer materials. In order to meet future environmental requirements and maintenance of the ecological environment, the future will make the trip more for thermoplastic resin parts of the circuit. It is said: Molded interconnect circuit formation (Molded Interconnect Device, referred to as MID), will replace some of the traditional manufacturing technology PCB. MID will be the development potential of PCB in a "new army."
(4) other materials
    Solder resist material  printed circuit board substrate material (non-halogen flame retardant substrate), and other materials compatible with the environment, will be more and faster development and development. This also makes the
PCB manufacturing process, the main materials used will be of great change. To this end, in the PCB manufacturing, process technology that the original will be no small impact.
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