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LED display unit board PCB design rules
Last Updated : 2011/6/16

The design process in the LED display, cell plate heat dissipation will affect the display performance and service life. Therefore, the circuit board PCB layout design must follow certain principles of rational distribution.

1.General Provisions

(1) design rules to meet the circumstances, should try to reduce production costs, such as: the ability to use 2 layers of make use of two layers; when the cost and design rule violations, to ensure the design rules.PCB Design Rule Simplified.

(2) components neatly arranged, the same chip, according to certain rules make the trip into the column; component spacing to consider the production process, can not affect the welding.

(3) for PCB design, you can not use auto-wiring design.


(1) the use of routing layers

2 more layers in the design of the circuit board to prohibit within the layer. The inner layer of the same definition and common use.

The need blind buried via hole design unit board for the four-layer board, 1-2, 3-4, 1-4 punch; for the six panels, 1-2, 2-5, 5-6 punch; specific process, PCB manufacturers are required to confirm OK.

(2) separate digital devices and power-driven devices

To the use of digital and analog methods to separate the wiring to the digital part of the power supply only seat in the jumper and drive through the entrance portion of the power supply.

In the board room to the case, recommended that the column and row drivers drive the power supply is separate.

(3) power cord and line cord:

Digital part of the power lines the width of> = 50mil.

Power line and the line width of the line should be considered a branch of the current power, width, and distance. Guarantee entrance to the module's power line voltage drop is not greater than 0.01V.

A supply by the middle seat on the board position. When the power seat placement to one side, the reserve power in the side of symmetric block or pad, to facilitate production flight line.

When the wiring is difficult, in the board reserved the power pad, fly line to facilitate production.

Line drive to have a separate circuit board where the power seat or pad.

Where the column driver PCB should have a separate power block or pad.

Non-welding (pin, row row of holes and cable) for power and cable lines, each needle current of less than 1A, each connecting at least two needles.

Propose that the line pipe line on the middle of the cell board to 1 / 3 range.

For the external screen room, separate light panel driver board, the line pipe line should be placed on the introduction of the line nearest the pin.

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