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pcb make life better
Last Updated : 2011/9/27

Every year will held the pcb meeting in the wolrd. they disscut pcb problem. pcb make life better,This is a practical technical session designed to teach how to shorten the HDI PCB layout design cycle and how to apply HDI design manufacturing capabilities to a constraint-driven PCB manufacturer. It will explain which processes and features cost most for HDI designs. Also shown will be examples of BGA breakouts (0.8 to 0.25mm).

PCB fabrication

This session will look at the expected reliability from stacked via technology. It will review IPC-6016 and discuss where it falls short for HDI PCBs. It also will cover required process controls for manufacturing with laser-drilled microvias.

Presenter Bios:
pcb make life better,Amit Bahl has been the Marketing Director for Sierra Circuits since 2005. He is responsible for exploring and developing new markets for high-density interconnect PCBs and microelectronic substrates. Prior to Sierra Circuits, Mr. Bahl was a consultant to the Global Services Team at IBM from 2003 to 2005, where he was instrumental in automating and optimizing business process using the latest information technologies. Mr. Bahl holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, with a minor in Marketing, from UCLA.
Atar Mittal has been a Director and General Manager at Sierra Circuits since 2003. He is responsible for pcb design and development of strategies and automated tools for high-density interconnect PCBs. Prior to Sierra Circuits, Mr. Mittal held senior executive level positions in R&D and technical marketing departments in computer hardware and software services companies in the USA and India. For over 25 years he has been instrumental in developing automated design engineering & management processes and tools using the latest information technologies.

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