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PCB manufacturing-High Density Interconnect (HDI) circuit boards
Last Updated : 2013/1/24

The launch of Intel's consumer ultra-low voltage CPU will coming, they focus on ultra-portable notebooks,  the price will be USD699-899, this news will help significantly increase demand for HDI (high density interconnect ) boards according to China pcb manufacturers

Unimicron Technology, HannStar Board, Gold Circuit Electronics (GCE), these companies have ordered HDI board for new ultra-thin notebooks.

  • Unimicron is developing the notebook HDI market and forecast the penetration rate of HDI boards in notebooks will increase to 10% this year from 5% in 2008.The company also expects its revenue share of HDI notebook boards to increase in the second quarter.

  • about HDI notebook boards,HannStar Board was conservative because of the price pressure, however The company expects the penetration rate of HDI notebook boards to reach 5-10% in 2009 because of the Intel's cost-effective CPUs.

  • since February, GCE has seen orders for HDI notebook boards.The segment accounts for 5% of GCE’s total notebook board shipments and the company expects the share to increase in the future

PCB manufacturer for HDI

TBS Circuits is a China Based Manufacturer of High Density Interconnect, HDI manufacturing,  including  Flexible pcb (FPC), HDI pcb (LASER microvias, blind and buried vias, via-in-pad technology) as well as Aluminum PCB.
We have provided via-in-pad technology and thin thickness of materials, up to 0.3mm, or 0.2mm, email us with your gerber files and you will receive a free consultation and review of your HDI design today.

Experience our expertise and feel the difference

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