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Single Sided PCB China Manufacturing
Last Updated : 2013/1/25

Single sided pcbs started since the late 1950s and still dominate the world electronic market, because of it is designed easily and manufactured quickly, usually 7 days for prototype here in China,  the serve as the most important effective platform in the industry.

Single-sided PCB means that wiring is available only on one side.this side is called solder side which

contains the circuit pattern, and the other side we call components side, which contains components. the single sided board usually used in case of simple circuitry because of the manufacturing fee are at a minimum. for professional and non-professional grades, it represent a large volume of printed circuit boards manufacturing.

single sided pcbs features:

  1. the single sided boards do not require plated through holes.
  2. it manufactured mostly by the print and etch method.the price will cheaper than double sided board.
  3. the lead time for single sided board is better than double sided, prototype from 3- 4days, batch from 7-10 days.

Single Sided PCB Manufacturer

TBS Circuits is a China prototype to high volume singled sided circuit boards manufacturer  based in China,the

copper weight from 1oz to 2oz, material From TG 140 To TG 170, the surface finish are avoilable from HASL,

lead free HASL-Rohs and ENIG  or OSP. the soldermask color from Red, Green,Yellow, Blue, Black, these are

free with different colors.

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