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PCB manufacturing Printed Circuit Board types
Last Updated : 2013/1/28

PCB manufacturing -Printed Circuit Board Types

Today you can easily find the pcb board types which pcb manufacturer supply. PC board in a diverse range:

  1. Single Sided Board: The price and lead time are good for customer, these are relatively the simplest board type, manufactured very quickly, however Not used much these days.
  2. Double Sided Boards: These types are predominantly used nowadays. they are wide utility.These printed circuit boards symbolize dependability,durability, efficiency and solderability. the price and lead time good here in China PCB manufacturer
  3. Multi Layer Boards: in small products they are used, some of pcb manufacturers can do 20 or more up to 30 layer multi layer boards.  the lead time is long and These are touted to be the costliest of boards you may find in the market.
  4. Aluminium Boards:  A Common type of board; there AL board are used for LED.
  5. Flexible Circuit Boards: these are used for connecting the print head to the printer in inkjet printers.
  6. Rigid Boards and Exotics: that are described as the more specialized board types.

A PCB house is crafted to offer you precision, efficiency and convenience that is top notch.
Based on Surface Mounted Technology, these are a tenth in size and weight when compared to their
Through Hole counterparts

Because of the demand and popularity, it would not be exaggerating to say that, the manufacturing of Printed Circuit Board will remain a dynamic industry for many more years to come.

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