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China PCB Manufacuturing Focus On Quality
Last Updated : 2013/1/29

China PCB Manufacuturing Focus On Quality

It is wise to do some reseach when you need pcbs or something else, but the first priority is the pcb quality.

However not all manufacturing companies are compliant with quality standards.

there are so many mistake can make the quality bad. some of them below:


PCB manufacturer Assembly

the most costly mistakes which pcb manufacturing company did are faulty components.

the cheaper counterfeit components are used instead of  good parts. so we can say, saving money might be tempting, however the result is bad cirucits.

Here a China pcb manufacturer  who facuo on the quality from pcb prototype and low volume with good staffs who keep in touch will be easier. we are good at speaking English, and  Any questions or concerns can be addressed immediately.

please check with our quality assurance and Testing.

For the testing, we do Flying probe test  without extra cost. a testing report will be put into the package when the boards shipping.

We also keep strict deadlines. we always ship early for most 80% orders.If you can't find any information regarding such quality questions or some other informations, then don't hesitate to ask at sales@10pcb.com

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