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PCB Manufacturing Processes Smooth with Surface Mounted Technology(SMT)
Last Updated : 2013/1/30

PCB Manufacturing Processes Smooth with Surface Mounted Technology

Since 1980s, electronics PCB Manufacturing was revolutionized by Surface mounted technology, the SMD did a great job.

PCB Electronics Manufacturing Before Surface Mounted Technology

before 1950s which the utomation first came to electronics manufacturing, electronics assembled the board by hand. it is costly and difficult.

PCB was created at that time, pcb always re-design through pcb prototype and then, mass production. the design rule allowed automation to be introduced, with assembly lines inserting components rapidly into the pre-made PCBs.

PCB manufacturer always do plated-through technology at that time, however The drilling made the process more expensive and difficult,then A new solution was needed.

PCB Manufacturing Processes Smooth with Surface Mounted Technology

Surface Mounted Technology(SMT) compare to the through-hole manufacturing technology, it streamlined and the pcbs no longer had to have holes drilled through them,  there will be A Five Step Process for SMT

  • PCB--It is produced by pcb manufacturer, with circuitry and solder points already laid out for solder paste to the solder points on each PCB.
  • Stencil--silk screen, like printers precision deposit solder onto the pads that will join the components to the board
  • Pick-and-Place Machines-- It precisely apply components to the prepared solder points
  • Reflow soldering--ovens then bake the combined PCBs at exact temperatures to harden the solder into its final state without damaging the surrounding components
  • AOI--the finished assemblies are visually and automatically inspected via automated optical inspection with defective boards sent back for rework to fix improperly-bonded components

Then the assembly process finished, and can ship off to the final completed product.

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