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How to reduce the cost of Printed circuit boards
Last Updated : 2013/2/3

How to reduce the cost of Printed circuit boards

The printed circuit boards design is the important thing during creation or assembly process. there are some other factors which must be considered so that it can save cost for printed circuit board.

how to reduce the cost of PCBs and what else can a pcb manufacturer do in order to ensure you can get a cheaper electronic pcb  boards?

Printed circuit board 's Size is everything

The price depends on the size of the board,  Consider the price of surface area for about anything.

Bigger square cost more, the bigger the area that needs to be designed and assembled, the higher of cost it will be to you. So, if you want to keep the price low, Please make sure to keep the surface area to a minimum as well.

Be considerate of designs for circuit boards.However, going too small might also incur some higher fees, too.

You try to save on space as much as possible, however for Very minimal boards, it is only going to be problematic , you know, because the machinery, it will need a higher precision and the pcb manufacturing process even longer and harder

If anything, a electronic board design needs to be in a "sweet spot" of not too big and not too small.

The shape of the board is also important for the price

Most printed circuit boards are cut into very easy shapes,  such as rectangles,
because harder shapes, there will be extra cost, because of a finer precision must be made in order to
make sure everything fits accordingly.

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