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TOP 5 Things to look for in your pcb manufacturer
Last Updated : 2013/2/6


TOP 5 Things to look for in your pcb manufacturer

It is a huge prospect that choosing an pcb manufacturer for your product. there are dozens of criteria you can use.but the important thing:  price is not everything, you can talk a little time to research vendors rather than going to a lowest bidder.

here are a list of 5 things you should consider in choosing a pcb manufacturer.with this tips,you can be more confident in your products.


Five Things You Need to Know When Choosing a PCB Manufacturer

1.  Financial Stability: 

pcb manufacturing requires a significant initial outlay. so you need reasonable assurances that they have the enough capital and resources necessary to put your order on time.

2. Quality System Certifications: 

It is important this that the pcb manufacturer should have ISO:9001 2008 and AS9100 quality standards Look for manufacturers whose quality controls are guaranteed. 

3. Information Management: 

A good High-volume pcb manufacturing requires considerable data management systems.
so please  Ensure your pcb  manufacturer uses an integrated Resource Planning System to help guarantee
quality throughout the entire production process.

 4. References: 

any pcb manufacturer should have at least a few references who can vouch for their product and standards, so if your pcb manufacturer is not willing  to provide actual testimony from old customers, I think you need to worry.

5. Technical Support: 

Your pcb provider needs more than an pcb knowledge and some good materials. They need the competency to provide you with pcb manufacturing  that can adjust for new challenges, and quickly provide solutions for the problems,  Their references, specifically, can speak to this ability - ask about how your pcb manufacturer handled a crisis to really learn their character.

Of course, everyone has different priorities and criteria! so just make a referrece!

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